Arcion Documentation

Arcion Documentation #

Arcion is the modern real-time enterprise database replication made simple. We have engineered Arcion using a distributed in-memory architecture to deliver correctness, scalability, and resilience.

Arcion supports a variety of single and distributed OLTP and OLAP sources and targets. The design is tailored for OLTP to distributed OLAP replication.

You can use Arcion in a number of ways:

  • A YAML-driven CLI
  • A workflow-guided UI
  • An API

Arcion empowers you to set up production-ready pipelines in a way that suits your needs, whether you choose self-managed on-premises deployments or fully-managed Arcion Cloud services.

Find out what Arcion can do for you:

To learn more, visit the individual sections in the left navigation menu.

  • Sources
  • Targets
  • Security
  • Notifications and Logging
  • References on advanced topics