Source SAP IQ #

The extracted replicant-cli will be referred to as the $REPLICANT_HOME directory in the proceeding steps.

I. Set up Connection Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the sample connection configuration file:

    vi conf/conn/sapiq_src.yaml
  2. Make the necessary changes as follows:

     type: SAP_IQ
     host: localhost
     port: 2638
     database: 'tpch'
     username: 'USERNAME'
     password: 'PASSWORD'
     max-connections: 30
     max-retries: 10
     retry-wait-duration-ms: 1000

    Replace the following:

    • USERNAME: the username to connect to the SAP IQ instance.
    • PASSWORD: the password associated with USERNAME.

II. Set up Extractor Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the Extractor configuration file:

    vi conf/src/sapiq_delta.yaml
  2. The configuration file has two parts:

    • Parameters related to snapshot mode.
    • Parameters related to delta-snapshot mode.

    For snapshot mode, make the necessary changes as follows in the snapshot section of the configuration file:

      threads: 16
      fetch-size-rows: 10_000
      #_traceDBTasks: true
      min-job-size-rows: 1_000_000
      max-jobs-per-chunk: 32
        - catalog: tpch
    #      schema: public
              row-identifier-key: [l_orderkey, l_linenumber]
              split-key: l_orderkey
    #        split-hints:
    #          row-count-estimate: 15000
    #          split-key-min-value: 1
    #          split-key-max-value: 60_000

    If you want to operate in delta-snapshot mode, you can use the delta-snapshot section to specify your configuration. For example:

      threads: 16
      fetch-size-rows: 10_000
      delta-snapshot-key: ts
      _traceDBTasks: true
      min-job-size-rows: 1_000_000
      max-jobs-per-chunk: 32
      replicate-deletes: false
        - catalog: tpch
              #        split-key: a  # Any numeric/timestamp column with sufficiently large number of distincts
              #        split-hints:
              #          row-count-estimate: 100000  # Estimated row count, if supplied replicant will leverage
              #          split-key-min-value: 1      #Lower bound of split key value
              #          split-key-max-value: 60_000 #Upper bound of split key value, if supplied replicant will leverage and avoid querying source database for the same
              delta-snapshot-key: a  # A monotonic increasing numeric/timestamp column which gets new value on each INSERT/UPDATE
              row-identifier-key: [a]   # A set of columns which uniquely identify a row
              update-key: [a]  # A set of columns which replicant should use to perform deletes/updates during incremental replication
              row-identifier-key: [l_orderkey, l_linenumber]

For a detailed explanation of configuration parameters in the Extractor file, read Extractor Reference.