Apache Spark

Destination Apache Spark #

The extracted replicant-cli will be referred to as the $REPLICANT_HOME directory in the proceeding steps.

I. Setup Connection Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the sample connection configuration file:

    vi conf/conn/spark.yaml
  2. Make the necessary changes as follows:

    type: SPARK
    host: local #Replace local with your Apache Spark host
    storage-location: "/tmp/parquet"
     storage-type: PARQUET
     max-retries: 10 #Enter the maximum number of times Replicant can re-attempt a failed operation
     retry-wait-duration-ms: 1000 #Enter the time Replicant should wait between each re-try of a failed operation

II. Setup Applier Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the applier configuration file:

    vi conf/dst/spark.yaml
  2. Make the necessary changes as follows:

      threads: 16 #Maximum number of threads Replicant should use for writing to the targe
      batch-size-rows: 5_000
      txn-size-rows: 1_000_000
      #If bulk-load is used, Replicant will use the native bulk-loading capabilities of the target database
        enable: true
        type: FILE   # PIPE, FILE
        serialize: true #Set to true if you want the generated files to be applied in serial/parallel fashion

For a detailed explanation of configuration parameters in the applier file, read Applier Reference.