Full mode replication

Full mode replication from SQL Server #

Replicant offers a third mode of replication callled full mode for replicating data from SQL Server. It’s a combination of snapshot and realtime replcation.

Overview #

In full mode replication, Replicant transfers all existing data from the source to the target database with a one-time data snapshot. The process in general is as follows:

  • Replicant first creates the schemas in the target database.
  • After creating the target schemas, Replicant transfers the data from the source to the target. This step is the one-time snapshot phase.
  • As soon as Replicant completes the one-time snapshot phase, Replicant starts listening for incoming changes in the source database using log-based CDC. This allows Replicant to seamlessly transition to continuous and real-time replication.

You can enable full mode replication by running Replicant with the full option. For more information, see Replicant full mode.

To set up full mode replication, follow the instructions in Real-time replication.