Real-time replication

Real-time replication from SQL Server #

Real-time replication allows you to apply real-time changes in your source SQL Server to your target database.

Overview #

In real-time mode, Replicant first creates the destination schemas if they don’t exist. If the destination schemas exist, Replicant appends to the existing tables. In real-time replication, Replicant obtains real-time operations from log-based CDC and starts replicating those operations. By default, Replicant starts replicating from the latest log position, but you can also specify a custom starting position.

You can enable real-time replication by running Replicant with the following options:

  • realtime
  • full

Full mode replication is a combination of snapshot and real-time mode replication. For more information, see Full mode replication.

CDC Extractor in real-time replication #

For realtime and full mode replicaiton from SQL Server, you can choose from three CDC Extractors. You can specify the Extractor to use by setting the extractor parameter in the connection configuration file.

Follow the instructions in these three pages to operate Replicant in realtime and full mode.

Support for DDL replication #

Replicant supports DDL replication for real-time SQL Server source. For more information, contact us.