Google BigQuery

Destination Google BigQuery #

The extracted replicant-cli will be referred to as the $REPLICANT_HOME directory in the proceeding steps.

I. Setup Connection Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the sample connection configuration file:

    vi conf/conn/bigquery.yaml
  2. Make the necessary changes as follows:

    type: BIGQUERY
    port: 443
    project-id: bigquerytest-268904
    auth-type: 0
    o-auth-pvt-key-path: <path_to_oauth_private_key>
    location: US
    timeout: 500
    username: "xxx"
    password: "xxxx"
    max-connections: 20
    max-retries: 10
    retry-wait-duration-ms: 1000

II. Setup Applier Configuration #

  1. From $REPLICANT_HOME, navigate to the applier configuration file:

    vi conf/dst/bigquery.yaml
  2. Make the necessary changes as follows:

      threads: 16
      batch-size-rows: 100_000_000
      txn-size-rows: 1_000_000_000
        enable: true
        type: FILE
        save-file-on-error: true
        serialize: true
      #deferred-delete: true
      #optimized-upsert: true
      use-quoted-identifiers: false
  3. If you want to operate in realtime mode, you can make use of the following parameters:

    # transactional mode config
    # realtime:
    #   threads: 1
    #   batch-size-rows: 1000
    #   replay-consistency: global
    #   txn-group-count: 100
    #   _oper-queue-size-rows: 20000
    #   skip-upto-cursors: #last failed cursor

For a detailed explanation of configuration parameters in the applier file, read Applier Reference.